Our General Conditions

Article 1 - Purpose

1a: The present general conditions of services apply, without restriction or reserve, to any request for transport made to Atlas Business Courrier.


1b : The fact, for a natural person or a legal entity, to ask for a transport implies full and complete acceptance of the present general conditions of services. These are accessible at any time on our general conditions or on simple request. They will prevail, if necessary, on all other versions and on the own general conditions of purchases or others of the customer.


1c: It will be able to be departed from the present general conditions only by a written agreement of Atlas Business Courrier. Any derogation granted by Atlas Business Courrier to the general conditions does not invalidate the present general conditions.

Article 2 - Offer

2a : The validity period of our offers is one month.


2b : The price offer constitutes the package which will be invoiced to the customer for the services indicated in the offer, with the exception of possible expenses (toll, customs duty, ...)

Article 3 - Performance of services

3a : Atlas Business Courrier commits itself to do everything possible to offer its customers a high quality of service. Atlas Business Courrier is entitled to make carry out the ordered services by any collaborator or subcontractor of its choice, under its responsibility of common right.


3b: Except express guarantee given to the customer, the assumption of responsibility and the delivery will be done in the 03h00 following the call of this one, in the zones 1 & 2, except cases of absolute necessity.


3c: Are considered as force majeure, in particular and in a non-limitative way: the accidents of the circulation, the fires, the demonstrations, the strikes, the riots, the attacks as well as the direct or indirect consequences of these events. Our responsibility could be committed only if the delay can be ascribable to us.


3d: Atlas Business Courrier reserves the right to refuse to honor the assumption of responsibility and the delivery for a customer who did not regulate completely or partially a preceding invoice or with which a litigation of payment would be in progress.

Article 4 - Prices

4a: All our prices are in Euros, including VAT.


4b: Any increase in VAT or any new tax imposed between the time of the service and the time of invoicing will be charged to the customer.

Article 5 - Cash on delivery

5a: Cash on delivery will only be accepted after a written agreement between the parties. Refunds will only be processed in Euros.

Article 6 - Customs and Other Charges

6a: The assumption of responsibility and the delivery do not include the achievement of customs formalities as well as the associated expenses. All these formalities and/or payments will be carried out exclusively by Atlas Business Courrier at the customer's full and complete risk, who will reimburse the said costs plus the waiting time.

Article 7 - Payment

7a: Our invoices are payable in cash to the account of Atlas Business Courrier (IBAN: (BE31 0689 3103 7955), BIC: (GKCCBEBB)).


7b: Any delay in payment of more than fifteen (15) calendar days will result in an increase, by right and without prior notice of default, of 12% per year, increased by a fixed and irreducible compensation of 18%, with a minimum of 75.00€. Moreover, Atlas Business Courrier will be entitled to suspend its services as long as the customer remains in default of payment.


7c: In addition to this interest, the amount of our invoices could also be increased by 12.50€ for a sent mail and 25.00€ for the displacement of a person. The costs of justice and the possible expenses of defense will be in charge of the debtor.


7d: Any dispute, to be admissible, must be notified, within a week, by registered mail, upon receipt of the invoice. A change of address cannot be used as an excuse for not having been aware of the invoice or for not having protested within the time limit.

Article 8 - Warranties and limitations of liability

8a: If a customer considers to be entitled to dispute the quality of the services provided by Atlas Business Courier, it must, at the risk of being dismissed, do so in writing (e-mail, fax or postal mail), no later than fifteen (15) calendar days following the transport of the package(s).


8b: As soon as the delivery carried out and accepted, Atlas Business Courrier will not assume any more responsibility.

Article 9 - Jurisdiction

9a: In case of dispute, only the courts of our jurisdiction are competent.


9b: The offer concluded between Atlas Business Courrier and the customer is subject to Belgian law.

Article 10 - Invalidity

10a: The partial or complete nullity of one of the clauses of these general conditions does not affect the validity of the other clauses.